Here is what fox News sees when they see the Hunger Games (see link to article below)… too bad the author states in an interview, it was noted that the books “[tackle] issues like severe poverty, starvation, oppression, and the effects of war among others”. How do they seem to always miss the point of any and everything and twist it into something completely unintelligible? Basically, the books are about the horrors of war, neglect of citizens, the struggle of the poor, human nature, morals, and consumers obsession with amusement over peoples pain and misfortunes (example reality tv). Knowing all this, how do they turn this review of a book and movie into a political smear against Democrats? It’s pathetic.

Is Political Conservatism a Mild Form of Insanity?

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He Said, He Said Wars

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Okay I am going to say something that is going to piss a lot of people off but I just feel like it needs to be said. I am so sick of people flipping out about Rush Limbaugh calling a girl a “slut” and the comebacks always (for some reason it’s the same comeback) Bill Maher calls Palin worse names. So now I am seeing all these ads for “concerned equal rights to women movements” asking women and others to demand super PAC money back from Obama that was sent to him from Bill Maher (there may be the same against Rush but I have not seen this anywhere).
Here is my real problem with this. People say things. Ya, sometimes we don’t like it but that’s life. Women want equal rights and respect but if you want to be equal you have to be confident enough to not fly off the handle every time a man calls a women a bad name. I don’t see men going crazy every time a women insults them with a derogatory statement. We can’t go to war every time a single women takes criticism and we can’t call a man a women hater (whether or not they are) for criticizing them. If you want to be powerful, criticism follows. Yet it makes us look weak to have a little hissy fit whenever it occurs. I want all women to have respect as much as any feminist out there raging but the difference between us is that I know that “bully feminism” will never empower women, only we can do that for ourselves.

What Republicans Want

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I think it’s funny that Republicans keep saying there is NO WAY Obama will get re-elected, yet in poles, when asked what is the most important quality you are looking for in a Republican candidate? What was the winner? The winner was not morals, or policies, or experience, or economic plans… the majority winner was whether they could actually beat Obama.

That shows 2 things.

1. If that is the focus of what Republicans want in a candidate then they really truly can not care about the welfare of our country.

2. They know as much as most do that no Republican candidate has a chance in hell of beating Obama.

Many people are doubting Obama’s ability as a President but I have to say that I am still sticking behind him. I feel like if we support our Democrats and vote out all of the road blocks (aka Republicans), He will do what he promised and make the changes we need. He did not fail us. We failed us. We voted in a congress full of Republicans with the only goal being “make sure Obama will fail,” whether they take the country out with them or not.  How can we blame him for that.  You can say I’m crazy but I’m not quite ready to give up all hope and throw our country to the wolves.

Losing Bets and Brainwashing Babies

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I recently lost a bet with a friend… A very Christian friend. The bet was that I didn’t think they could sit through one of my favorite documentaries “Religulous” by Bill Maher. To my surprise they made it through the movie, just barely and raged about it shortly after, but still! They won the bet. So I lost. My punishment? Church.

I spent a good portion of my young life in Church, Church camps, bible school, bible study, missions, and other torments they saw fit to force children such as myself into to.  I never liked being a Christian, I hated church, hated reading the bible, did not particularly the company of over the top Christians, and Loathed Sunday church service.   I spent some of my youth in our local churches’ youth group and got kicked out at an early age for asking questions they thought were “inappropriate”. Such as when I was about 7, they had a study about how you cannot enter Heaven with sin.  So I naturally stated asking questions to illuminate the problems I saw. I asked is cursing a sin?” “yes.” “so if you curse and then die you will go to hell? “if you don’t ask for forgiveness that may be so.” “So if you are a good person and are driving down the road and a dear jumps out and you accidently yell SHIT and die instantly, after you go to Hell despite your perfect life before that?” “Well, breaking the rules are breaking the rules.” “That is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.”  And then I was kicked from the group lol. I was banned to the Adult services that now haunt my dreams. That is until I was 18 and came out of the closet so to speak and told everyone I knew that I was an atheist and I would never go back to church. I may have been the best day of my life.

So here I am back to Church, for hopefully the last time. I tried my hardest to stay conscious for the most part until one part caught my eye. They were doing a bunch of babies first baptisms.  I never realized how disturbing these are. Not really the water so much as what they say to the parents afterward.  They basically stand there and beat into these new parents head that they MUST raise these children to follow god. No ifs ands or buts. No bring your child up with as much information as you can give them and hope they make the best choice for them.  The pastor was very clear in saying it is the parents main goal as a parent to basically brainwash these kids asap. And if the fail at this they fail as a parent.  Now I think I may have begun to realize when this vicious cycle starts.  Now I see why my parents often tell me they have failed as a parent even though I have grown to be a decent person if I can say so myself.  I think this particular practice of parents forcing their children into a belief that may not be their own is borderline child abuse and should be dealt with accordingly. May be harsh but necessarily I wonder?

The Original Sin

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Some ranting about the lovely story of Adam and Eve

  So here we go, let me give the short version of the story first for those who are fuzzy on this delightful story that allegedly gave God the right to let his “children” suffer, because after all… we did it to ourselves right?

So God made man, he names this man Adam.  God gives Adam a beautiful life in a perfect place.  He “gives” him a women and names her Eve. They run around in happiness and ignorance not knowing anything about good or evil.  God tells these children like characters that the only thing they cannot do is eat off this ONE tree… (Here’s where I need to step in and point out some obvious things. These people do not know the difference between right and wrong. Like I said, they are much like small children who do not understand why their parent tells them they cannot have the cookie, but now that you mention it, that cookie looks good. Most children will eventually succumb to temptation, however there are those who will blindly follow the will of what their parents tell them to do. This may be because of upbringing or genetics, whatever the reason it happens.) So naturally, these two end up eating off the forbidden tree because they don’t know any better. Since God is all knowing, he knew they would fail from the beginning.  In fact he must have created them to fail knowing that certain people are inclined to obey without falter and others are not. He decided to put the fate of human kind on two people he basically programmed to fail. And wow! Guess what happened, they fail. Surprise.  It’s similar to someone creating a program with the sole purpose to defy you and then telling this program it cannot do what it was made to do.  So God throws us into a terrible World but with the gentle reminder that we did this to ourselves.  This story is sickening to me. Whats worse is that people actually take this to heart and blame themselves and spend the rest of their lives feeling that they are sinning inferior people who must live forever asking this beast of a God for forgiveness. If it were me and I believed this story to be factual I would be waiting for my apology from God.

A New Young Atheist Leader

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